I Give Up!!!

We all appreciate convenience, all the more so when we are put out about something that monopolizes our time. Take my old humidifier, for example. I am particularly irked about finding replacement filters that don’t seem to exist anymore. Recently, I noticed that my unit was not operating at an optimal level and I figured it was the filter since the motor was still humming away nicely. I went to four stores to no avail. Then I went online. Surely I would find them there—you can get just about anything on the Internet these days. Nope, no luck.

I was aggravated to say the least. This search was taking way too much of my valuable time. I lost hours in one day. I give up, I cried. After a moment or two, however, I was not about to be defeated and set out to conquer the problem. I would get a new model, and one that did not require this elusive part.

What is a filterless humidifier anyway? Let’s look at Dyson’s hygienic humidification. That sounds enchanting. The appliance looks amazing. It is super modern and sleek featuring a cool oval shape. It is furthermore ultrasonic and cuts down on the breeding of nasty bacteria. (It seems that other models can evaporate water directly from a wet wick which can harbor bacteria.) What else is appealing? The filterless Dyson can kill it all off with ultraviolent cleanse technology. Sounds impressive, right. It means that every drop of water is exposed to a UVC light. The unit projects clean, hydrated air into your room quietly, safely, and effectively.

For your hard-earned money, with this wonderful machine you get humidity and temperature control. It adjusts automatically for the ideal climate, just the way you want it. Electronics are so amazing. You don’t have to oversaturate your environment at all. You decide.

Who wouldn’t want this humidifier in their home? There are other choices, of course, but this one stands out. Whatever you decide, you want advanced technology that eliminates the filter and its lack of cleanliness. The innovation gods have answered man’s need. Filterless systems can keep the air moist and eliminate dust and minerals in the air in a new way by means of an electrostatic charge. Thus, you get much cleaner mist. Wow! Because the humidifier can clean itself, in effect, it will run longer and become more economical. Even if it costs more, it is well worth the investment long term.

Honeywell is another top brand name to look for. No more searching for replacement filters! The cool mist humidifier ideal for Florida has many high points. You can run these babies for up to 30 hours continuously. They are quiet and don’t disturb one’s sleep. Plus, the antimicrobial treated water reservoir ensures a healthy mist injected into the air. If you want adjustable moisture control, you got it.

I think you get the picture, and I am glad that I “gave up” on my replacement filter. I forked over a modest sum to get a new unit.