A Day at the Shore

A day at the shore is no ordinary adventure. Sure everyone is propping up their umbrellas and laying colorful towels on the sand. Kids are filling pails with water to help make sand castles and mothers are getting out the sandwiches and lemonade. The water is populated with people of every age who need to cool off a bit from the hot, blazing sun. They ride the small waves right up to the edge of the sand. More adventurous types are swimming out to the buoys strategically placed every few hundred feet. It is a circus of activity: kids tossing beach balls, dogs running alongside their masters, paws barely skimming the ocean foam.

I like to check the tide pools myself and collect what I find, shells and the like. There is a world to explore that is hidden from the average eye more intent on riding waves and body surfing. You can wander off and find places all your own. I take a special beach bag with me to house my treasures. It has compartments to I can separate one find from another. It is lined and waterproof which is necessary given what I usually find. The bag always ends up full of sand and seaweed debris. There is always a cleanup job to be done when I get home. No matter. I love to sort out what I have collected so I can take a closer look.

I got the beach bag as a gift from someone who knows how I wander and explore at the shore. They got one that is sturdy and durable to withstand the sharp-edged shells that I frequently toss in. And there are a lot of shells. Not that they are the only item to garner along the sand, but that I like to make sculptures out of them. I make a rod out of a strong twig and I take small smooth stones that I have also found on the beach. I make tiny holes in them with a special jewelry making drill. The same goes for the shells. Then I layer the stones and shells in different sizes up the twig almost to the top. If I place more than one of these sculptures side by side it makes for a very nice item of decoration. So the beach bag houses the makings of home-made art work that is the culmination of my day at the beach.

If I don’t find what I want to make my twig stacks as I call them, then I simply try a new location or wait for another day. But I am usually lucky; there are plenty of places to look for bric-a-brac from the sea. You sometimes find a really odd shape that can become a sculpture in and for itself when mounted on a bit of driftwood. I find this hunting for art makings to be a great instigator of fun at the shore.